Disney Junior Live!

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The invitation to attend the Disney Junior FRiYAY Party and write this sponsored post could not have come at a better time.

Everything is Mickey right now in the eyes of our little Ozzybear. “Mickey go car!”, “Mickey race, VROOM!”, and “Mickey MOUSE!” are fired off by Oz in rapid succession while jumping and pointing at the TV. Two things usually go through my head in these ever increasing moments, “He is actually ‘using his words’” and “Thank God for Disney Junior”.

Ozzy could not have been more prepared for the party. After sending the big kids off to school this past Friday he plopped himself on the couch for a brand new episode of Mickey and the Roadster Racers (“Mickey go car” in our house) and he was pumped. I think he sang/yelled “Mickey Party” most of the way to the FRiYAY live event. As soon as he saw the glorious Mickey balloon arch framing the party floor he knew this was the right place.

After exploring the amazing Roadster breakfast, Ozzy was ready to race, or as I perceive it, running away with reckless abandon. He only made it a few quick strides before he was distracted by Mickey’s Car Wash and must of spent a good 10 minutes running through before dashing to the next area that caught his wild blue eyes.

What I’ve grown to love about Oz obsessing over Mickey and the other Disney Junior shows (despite the fact that he will watch the same episode 3,000 times in a row) is the underlying lesson each story has. Whether helping others, believing in yourself, or simply having fun while working hard, they all boost his confidence while supplementing the lessons and encouragement Michael and I do our best to instill in him. Now we’ll just have to wait for the episode that encourages him to take a nap and eat his dinner and all will be well in the world.

Don’t forget to tune in to Disney Junior on Disney Channel every FRiYAY morning for new episodes of your kid’s favorite shows!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Junior .


Knott’s Berry Vacation

Thanks to  Knott’s Berry Farm for sponsoring our trip to the park!

In all honesty I was not sure what to expect when we were invited to spend the day at Knott’s Berry Farm during our recent summer vacation. I went when I was 10, but after racking my old man with three kids brain the only detail I could remember was that I had fun. So taking the kids this summer was like going for the first time and had me a little nervous. “Will the kids like it? Will there be things they will actually enjoy besides seeing their beloved Snoopy in real life? Do they have a kids area they won’t burn out on in 5 minutes?” All these worries were quickly squashed as soon as we headed into the park.

The first area we checked out was the newly updated “Ghost Town Alive“, and I’m pretty sure we could have spent most of the day here. Upon entering I felt like I had been transported into an old spaghetti western I grew up watching over my dad’s shoulder. The employees were actually actors playing different roles according to their area of work in Ghost Town.

The kid’s first stop was the Barber who promptly greeted them with a thick southern accent and offered to “trim their whiskers”, which turned out to be the addition of a handlebar mustache to each kids face. They absolutely loved it. As we left the barber they were greeted by another GTA citizen and were sent on a mission to deliver a telegram to a man working at the train station. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves in the middle of a shootout between the sheriff and a posse of outlaws. Like I stated before, we could have spent most of the day there, petting horses, going on missions for the townsfolk, or watching the different live shows that popped up throughout the day.  Overall we were super impressed and happy we had the opportunity to explore Ghost Town Alive!

The rest of day we spent going on rides and eating gratuitous amounts of food. We were fortunate enough to get a fast pass wristband in addition to our tickets and let me tell you, if you are going to Knott’s to ride roller coasters it’s totally worth the extra expense. The fast pass didn’t really matter so much for the kid’s ride area (totally fun and perfect for young kids btw) but for teenagers and adults it was amazing, the fast pass  line was generally the exit line and the longest we had to wait was like 2 minutes as opposed to the hour+ waits everyone else had to suffer through. Full disclosure, we rode the log ride three times in a row.

Overall we had a fantastic time exploring all that Knott’s Berry Farm had to offer, from Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken, the rides,  and the adventure laden Ghost Town Alive, we will definitely be going back!



Road Tripping with Kia

Extra special thanks to Kia for giving us this opportunity to test drive the car for the week, it really made our vacation that much sweeter!
“We will never be a minivan family.”,  I’m pretty sure this was in our wedding vows. Fast forward nine years and three kids, and Tiffany and I have been happily  stuffing all five of our cute little asses into a four door sedan, until recently that is…

This summer we were finally able to take the kids on a long awaited trip to Legoland California. While we were preparing for the 9 hour journey in our own little car we were offered the chance by our friends at Kia to test drive a Sedona  for our trip instead! Now I will state this again, we have always been committed to being a no minivan family, but to be perfectly honest, I had no idea how dumb that was until we headed off down the coast.

I packed the van, installed the car seats, and we were ready to roll, with extra room in the trunk I might add, despite Tiffany’s twenty-nine suit cases she had to bring along. First things first though, music. There was a USB plugin located by the stereo that allowed us to control our iPhones directly through huge in dash touchscreen. We loaded up our favorite heavily edited hip-hop playlist and turned up. Tiffany and I were both immediately impressed by the sound quality, so impressed it took us a while to hear the kids screams from the back telling us to turn the music down.

Once on the freeway one of my favorite features, hands down, was the super intuitive cruise control. Now this wasn’t your basic “set your speed” cruise control, it actually controlled your speed up and down depending on the traffic around you! Not only that, you can set how far you would like to stay back from the car in front of you. I felt like I was driving a space ship; “Captain Michael-Cruise Control Badass”.

Now for most families going on a long road trip can be a real relationship test, especially in tight quarters. On this trip space was a plenty,  yet another thing the Kia Sedona rubbed in our van hating faces. “Oh your brother is being annoying? Just move to another seat.” “Whats that? You’re actually willing to share your snack? Move on back.” Not only did the van provide us with the space to move and get away from whoever was being annoying or farting too much, you could also move the front rear row forward, backward, and more importantly, side to side, making loading and unloading the kids the thousands times they had too pee that much easier.

While I can’t say with scientific certainty that driving the Sedona for our trip made our normally perfect attitude angel babies who never, ever, ever fight, argue, or bicker, act any better, I  will go ahead and say it was one of the most pleasant long distance drives we have ever had. There was nary a complaint, the kids had plenty of space when they needed it, plenty of USB outlets to charge tablets and phones, two moon roofs, sun screens on all the back windows for nap time, and to top it all off, air conditioned front seats so I avoided all the disgusting back sweat I normally get driving for hours on end.

To sum it up, thanks to the Kia Sedona, the Reeses are now true minivan believers. It looks like we’re gonna have to rewrite those wedding vows.






3 Summer Family Activities in Sacramento

Thank you to Sacramento Limousine Services for this guest post


3 Summer Family Activities in Sacramento

Summer in Sacramento is a magical time! It’s hard to describe the hustle and bustle when this season of heatwaves rolls around. It’s not uncommon to see triple digit temperatures, so it can be a bit tricky to navigate your leisure time, especially if you have a family. However, with a little bit of research, it’s actually quite easy to find some activities and destinations that are fitting for the entire clan, regardless of the age group.

Sacramento Children’s Museum

An indoor adventure is a great idea in the summer months! Heading to Sacramento Children’s Museum is a great way to spark some inspiration and creative thinking. This is generally suited for children from toddlers to eight years of age. General admission is under ten dollars, while members get in free. Plus, it’s air conditioned. Why pass that up?

Water Parks

This is an option that is friendly for all ages. When it’s sweltering outside, there is little better than getting submerged at a local water park, and there are several for you to choose from. Be sure to consider Raging Waters, Sunsplash, Velocity Island Park, as well as Wake Island Water Park if you’re looking to splash around for a day.

Southside Park

If it happens to be a milder day, you can’t go wrong with an outing to Southside Park in downtown Sacramento. It’s especially a must see if you have children that haven’t been here before. This space themed park is out of this world, and there is a diverse selection of playground equipment. There are bathrooms and picnic areas too, so it’s easy to spend a good amount of time here exploring with the little ones. If you come on a Sunday, it’s good to keep in mind that there is a Farmer’s Market a block away.

Using a limousine or a party bus is an option to consider if you’re looking to make an entire trip out of local summer activities! It’s also a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday. You can hop from one destination to the next without worrying about parking or finding directions. Plus, the whole family will enjoy the features that are found on limousines and party buses. There are things like neon changing lights, television screens, auxiliary capable stereo systems, hardwood flooring, tinted windows, storage for anything you might be bringing along, and cup holders for convenience. Professional chauffeurs from Sacramento Limousine Services know where all of the hot spots are and exactly how to get there in an efficient manner.

It’s so easy to have a great time with the family when the summer rolls around in Sacramento. You definitely won’t hear any exclamations of boredom if you decide to go with any of the suggestions we’ve listed above!

Sacramento Limo Bus

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The Queen’s Feast

The first part of planning any event in my family starts with one question, “What are we gonna eat?” And what’s the point of celebrating anything if there isn’t a massive amount of food involved?

The full spread, be jealous.

So as this past Mother’s Day approached I asked the moms in my life(Mom, wife, sister) what they would like to gorge themselves on for their day of days. My sister Nicole, replying first, said her “Wildest Mother’s Day food dream is an Italian spread. Like a Jersey Shore Sunday dinner where you have to unbutton your pants halfway through.”, followed by more graphic descriptions of being fed meatballs while laying down and being worshiped like a Roman Goddess. Being as she is the most recent mom in the family, breastfeeding, and therefore the hungriest, everyone else agreed that her idea was the best and I set out planning a feast fit for the queens these moms are.

Beef and Pork Meatballs in Marinara, Parmesan, basil, & parsley

Normally, I would just do all the shopping and cooking, then have my dad and brother-in-law pay me back, but being a new mom(read: Housedad) myself I decided to delegate some of the shopping and prep to them instead, and it couldn’t have worked out better.

Antipasto Tray!

It’s amazing how less stressful cooking copious amounts of food can be when you relinquish some control. But if I’m being real, it was just a little control, I can’t let that shit go completely or the whole world might fall apart. Right guys???

Penne with Bolognese, Spicy Italian Sausage, Parmesan, fresh basil

As most family holidays go at home, we ended up eating an hour later than planned, but as you can see the food was well worth the wait. My brother in law, Danny, brought some amazing hand-carved wooden bowls he picked up from a friend who was foolishly giving them away, which really added to the rustic, home-style feel of the meal.

Bowties with Roasted Garlic- Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce, mushrooms, Pecorino Ramano, Baby heirloom, fresh basil

Overall, the mom’s said they had a great day and a meal worth the carb coma that inevitably followed. The only thing missing was an Italian Grandma’s seal of approval, but I guess I’ll have to wait to check that off my bucket list.

Grilled veggies Papa cooked perfectly!
Marinara, Roasted Garlic- Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce, Pesto

*All pictures by Danny Offer. Follow his other work on Instagram