Jean jacket babyGap // jeans H&M // shoes TOMS.

If you are obsessed with finding the latest and greatest baby products like I am, you have to check this one out!

Twist feeding system

Pump, store, organize, warm, and feed using the same pouch! The Kiinde Twist™ system completely eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again!

A revolutionary new twist on infant breast milk feeding, the Kiinde Twist™ feeding system allows you to directly pump from ANY pump into breastmilk storage pouches with leak-proof, twist-locking caps. You can then label, organize, store, warm, and feed from that same pouch – without ever having to transfer precious breast milk from bottles to bags. Collapsible pouches completely eliminate gas from your baby’s meal, and Active Latch™ nipples are designed to teach natural breastfeeding behaviors that ease the transition between bottle and breast.


For more information and more visuals of product, visit Kiinde!


Linge Shoes has created the most comfortable footwear option for babies and kids all ages. Linge means, “the line presented by the dancer’s body” in Italian ballet.  By combining the classic line of the traditional ballet slipper with bright, stylish colors; Linge Shoes are the perfect staple ballet flat for every little one’s wardrobe. The softest leather bottoms and flexible ankle strap are the perfect footwear for your toddler when learning to take their first steps and the bright color options will appeal to all growing girl’s sense of adventure and individuality.


Oct 23

Modern Mermaid Party

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This past Labor Day weekend, I was hired to style a modern mermaid party for an adorable little girl named Lili. I wanted to share some of the magical photos taken by Amanda Rose Photography of the event. Beautiful and inspiring treats by Oh My Pancake!

Modern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid Party5Modern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid PartyModern Mermaid Party

Thanks Lili for letting me share your magical day!

Modern Mermaid Party


Necessity was the mother of invention for Maura Horton when she came up with the idea for her parent company MagnaReady. Maura was inspired when the effects of Parkinson’s disease prevented her husband from buttoning his shirt. Determined to help him remain independent, Maura came up with the idea of a magnetically infused shirt he could easily dress in without needing finger dexterity. MagnaReady is the first fashionable, magnetic closure dress shirt for men and women with limited mobility. Using her background in children’s fashion and her experience as a mom, Maura has expanded and created MagnaMini, the first magnetized coat for kids.

Maura Horton immediately knew that she would like to implement this technology into outerwear for kids. The new MagnaMini coats and vests are simple for children to wear whether they prefer putting them on one sleeve at a time or laying them on the floor and flipping them above their heads. The first magnetic coats and vests for children, MagnaMini eliminates the need for difficult to navigate buttons and zippers replacing them with simple to use magnets.

Not only does MagnaMini help build children’s confidence as they conquer a new skill, it makes getting ready to leave the house faster and simpler for parents. Instead of meltdowns over the inability to zip or button, parents will be able to watch their children proudly press their coat closed with ease. Recess time at school becomes simpler for teachers with MagnaMiniTM as well. Instead of the teacher zipping and snapping 30 coats closed before the class heads outside, MagnaMini enables kids to ready themselves for outdoor play.

Magna Mini Magic VestJude loves his “magic magnet” vest. Doubles as entertainment.

Jude’s outfit via H&M.

Blouse vintage // headband & necklace Forever21 // jeggings Circo via Target // boots Jumping Beans via Kohl’s.

Ruby Mae’s Outfit of the Day: shirt & boots H&M // skirt Janie and Jack // necklace Forever 21.

Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party Modern Dinosaur Birthday Party

First of all, I can’t believe my little baby cheeky boo boo is FIVE guys. FIVE. I’m not sure why but FIVE seems so much more alarming than four felt. This year, we decided to keep Jude’s party smaller and more easy-going, just his style. We threw the party at a local new Dinosaur themed park, which the kids loved. Jude is a simple guy, he cares most about his family, close friends and treats. The amazing modern Dinosaur themed treat boxes, water-bottle labels, candy labels & wristbands by West Coast Party Supply! A special Amanda Rose Photography for shooting this editorial! Make sure to check out her Photography Bloglike Amanda Rose Photography on Facebook and follow Amanda on Instagram for more awesomeness.

1122031Jude’s Dinosaur Tank by Hello Apparel.

Happy Birthday Budgie, we love you so.

Oct 13

Fuel Up To Play 60!

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Thank you Fuel Up To Play 60 campaign for giving me the opportunity to share this awesome program with my readers!

Fuel Up To Play 60

Fuel Up to Play 60 is a program founded by the National Dairy Council and NFL, in collaboration with USDA, that empowers students to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school. Students can win cool prizes, like an NFL player visit or Super Bowl tickets, for choosing good-for-you foods and getting active for at least 60 minutes every day. We want kids to make a difference not only in their lives, but also their community.

58Photo Credit: Amanda Rose Photography

When it comes to exercising, my kids are kind of professionals. Even when they are watching TV, they have this psychotic ability to jump up and down while doing so. I’d like 1/100th of their constant energy. However, I still fear one day that they might lose interest in playing sports and digging in the dirt everyday. Which is one reason I am in love with the Fuel Up To Play 60 program!

Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by National Dairy Council (NDC) and National Football League, in collaboration with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The program encourages kiddos to consume nutrient-rich foods (low-fat and fat-free milk and milk products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains and lean protein foods) and achieve at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The program is designed to engage and empower kids to take action for their own health by implementing positive, lasting changes for themselves and their schools and inspiring their friends to do the same.

 17Photo Credit: Amanda Rose Photography

I think giving kids the tools to understand nutrition and the benefits of physical activity is so important. Qualifying California schools participating in Fuel Up To Play 60 may be eligible for up to $4,000 for the 2014-2015 school year to help support their health and wellness programs. This competitive program is designed to support schools that implement plays from the 2014-2015 edition of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Playbook. These plays can range from creating a healthy breakfast program in a school to coordinating the 100 Mile Club, which challenges students to walk, jog or run 100 miles at school in a single school year to improve their health and well-being. How cool is that?!

If you’re not a Fuel Up to Play 60 school, click here to learn more and sign up!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Milk Advisory Board.


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Oct 10

Obsessed: Art Prints from Redbubble.

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If you’re looking for unique and impossibly brilliant t-shirts, heart-stopping wall art, attention grabbing iPhone cases or any other beautifully designed products you have to check out Redbubble! We’ve been in our Etsy Filled House for over a year and a half now and we are still filling wall space. I was super intrigued by the selection Redbubble offered. I love the style of them. I love having stuff in our house that you can’t get just anywhere.

Lookie Boo 3

Lookie Boo 1

Lookie Boo 2

See these awesome prints and more at Redbubble.


Jude’s motorcycle jacket by Genuine Kids via Target. Ruby’s dress and boots by H&M, jacket by Design History Girls.

Sep 30

Squirtini Bikini for little ladies!

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Squirtini Bikini, a surf-centric brand evolved when former volley ball player and model, Farley Boyle recognized a niche market when she could not find fashionable, age appropriate suits for her 11 year old daughter who could no longer shop in the girls department due to her size. Upon being forced to shop in the adult section Farley realized that the cuts, designs and overall construction were not suitable for the TWEEN girl. Girls at this age are not looking to accentuate what they are getting nor are they secure about their bodies recent transformations. Farley designed forgiving silhouettes using minor construction to help downplay attention to sensitive areas.

Squirtini’s custom fabrics contains a built in 50 SPF and feature fun, beach inspired prints like: starfish, seahorses, palm trees, flamingoes, flip flops, suns, surfboards, waves, etc. Each collection contains a bevy of vibrant prints along with solid mix-and-match separates in a kaleidoscope of colors. Girls can reincarnate drawers containing suits from seasons past with solid reversible tops and bottoms, showcasing the true fashionista within.

To view the entire collection, visit


Super dapper & adorable Lalo is our #lookieboo of the Day! Thanks to his Mama @mamazatto for tagging @lookieboo on Instagram!

Sep 27

Ruby Mae’s Outfit of the Day!

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Ruby Mae’s a Outfit of the Day: hat Janie & Jack // top Old Navy // jeans Circo via Target and boots H&M.


Ruby Mae’s Outfit of the Day: daisy dress & moto bow boots from H&M // jacket by Design a History Girls.


Adorable sisters Faye & Edie are our #lookieboo (s) of the Day! Thanks to their Mama @kelseyweiss for tagging @lookieboo on Instagram!

Sep 17

Ruby Mae’s Outfit of the Day

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Dress H&M // necklace Forever21 // shades, Daddy’s.

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Thank you to California Raisins for sponsoring this post and inviting my family to your awesome party!


Recently, the kids and I had the pleasure of being invited to a California Raisin’s #SnackToSchool party! There are so many wonderful reasons raisins make a great snack! California Raisins are an all-natural, dried-by-the-sun fruit you can feel good about sending with your kids as they head back to school or offering as an after-school snack. The ingredient list says it all: Raisins. Convenient and portable, California Raisins are a great choice for wholesome, healthy, on-the-go snacking. They are a great value, too. According to the USDA, raisins are the most economical dried fruit. California Raisins come by their sweetness naturally. With California Raisins, the nutrition label tells a great story: Zero fat, no cholesterol and no added sugar. Plus, raisins offer 9% of your daily fiber and potassium, and 6% of your daily iron (per quarter cup serving). In fact, research suggests that among children, eating raisins as an after-school snack may prevent excessive calorie intake and may increase satiety (or feeling full) when compared to other common snacks, including cookies and chips.
When we first arrived at the party, Jude & Ruby were so excited about the raisin snacks!
Delicious raisin bagels!
Our favorite was the Trail Mix Bar! What an adorable idea, much healthier than a candy station for a party.
My personal favorite snack was this epic pumpkin raisin bread. I’m totally one of those weirdos that likes pumpkin things year round.

After we finished drooling over the snacks, we made our way to the different school themed party stations. The kids loved coloring the California Raisin and designing a name tag for their lunch boxes! If you’d like to grab your own free California Raisin printables on their Facebook Page.


Of course, the overall highlight for Jude & Ruby was getting to meet the California Raisin. Jude came running up to me and yelled, “He’s here! He’s here!!”
Myself and the other lovely bloggers in attendance at the party.
I have some good news for you too! Leave a comment on this post or on the Facebook link and you will be entered to win a California Raisin back to school package. The winner will be randomly selected via on September 14th 2014.

Special thank you to Amanda Rose Photography for shooting this editorial! Make sure to check out her Photography Bloglike Amanda Rose Photography on Facebook and follow Amanda on Instagram for more awesomeness.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf California Raisins.