Mini Rodini Winter/Holiday 2012

Mini Rodini Boys

Mini Rodini Girls

About Mini Rodini:

The founder of Mini Rodini, Cassandra Rhodin, is one of Sweden’s most popular illustrators. She grew up in an artist family, surrounded by painters, actors and filmmakers. Her inspiration is very much drawn from her own childhood, where the lines between reality and dreams were blurred out. But mostly, her creativity comes with her own two sons. It was with them the idea for a new children’s brand – Mini Rodini – grew.

Cassandra’s great grandfather was the legendary circus king Brazil Jack. Born Carl Max Alexander Rhodin in 1871, son of two of the most prominent illusionists and artist of their time. At the young age of twelve he ran away with a circus. He spent the late, romantic 19th century, travelling around Europe with the Romani families Demetri and Taikon. Every weekend, staged gypsy weddings were held between Brazil Jack and the daughter of Bomba Demetri. He was since then known as the Gypsy prince Carooli Rodini. The Rhodin family and the romanies lived and worked closely together for several years, running both a Tivoli and the famous circus. In 1899 – then known as Brazil Jack – he started his fist circus that has come to follow the Rhodin family to modern time. The circus undoubtedly played an important part in Cassandra’s childhood and continues to be a never-ending source of inspiration.

The name Mini Rodini is in itself a celebration – homage – to her great grandfathers heritage.