Lookie Boo & Vida Mia Photography Present: The House That Etsy Built!

The House That Etsy Built{See e-book below}

It’s here! It’s Here! The House That Etsy Built is finally completed and we are ready to share our hard work with you! 95 Etsy Shops from around the world inside 1 house!!!

SO, my family recently moved into a new house, well an old house that is new to us. In fact, only about six weeks ago we had our first sleepover in the new space. In the months leading up to this move, I had an idea, as I do at 3:30am. What would a house filled with handmade creations from small business owners on Etsy look like?! Pretty freaking amazing, I suspected. So I started spending HOURS upon HOURS finding wh at I consider the cutest, most customizable, modern, forward-thinking Etsy Shops. I’ve loved Etsy since it first launched, but I had no idea just how awesome it actually was until I invested time into seeing everything Etsy had to offer. Custom shower curtain? Done. Original artwork hand signed for under $12? Boom. Customized bedding for your children? Check. OHPLUSALSO, almost every one of these 165 shop items in our house are handmade. Like, human hands. Incredible.

I MUST thank the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, CREATIVE Etsy shops who have worked so hard on these gorgeous creations for our custom home! I can promise you that no where else on the internet but Etsy will you find such beautiful, unique, handmade home decor items…that arrive in such gorgeous wrapping it really makes you feel like its Christmas!!! It made me smile so big when I read one note from an Etsy shop that said, “I am living my dream thanks to Etsy!” I totally get that, as I am living my dream thanks to Lookie Boo’s readers. So thank you. I have the best looking readers on the whole internet. Totally not bias.

Lastly, I need to sincerely thank the beautiful (inside and out) Lauren Jaye of Vida Mia Photography for capturing the beauty of these items. You should check our her Website, read her photography blog & like her page on Facebook to see more of her awe-inspiring work.

The House That Etsy Built Shop Index:


Living Room:

Yellow Ottoman Pouf/Pouffe Pillow by Zeldabelle.

Gold Skull Votive Holder by Hodi Home Decor. Like on Facebook.

Modern Switch is offering Lookie Boo readers Code: BLOG10 for 10% off orders.

Gold Anchor by The Yellow Spoon.

Infinity Decals is offering Lookie Boo readers 5% discount with code: LOOKIEBOO13.

Dictionary Print: – “Coral Lady” by Art of the Page.

Dictionary Print: – “Butterflies in the Stomach” by Art of the Page.

Dictionary Print: – “Butterflies Skull” by Art of the Page.

Star-burst  Wine Glasses by Urban Belle Couture. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter. Official Website.

Blue Plaid Cloth reusable Cocktail Napkins, Set of 4 by Sage and Kai. Like on Facebook.



Yellow Geometric Fabric Placemats by Izy and Oly Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter.

Culinary Herbs Kitchen Poster Art Print by Peanut Oak. Like on Facebook.

Modern Candle Block Trio by Habitat Handcrafted. Like on Facebook.

Yellow and White Gotcha Curtain Valance by Designer Pillow Shop.

Happy Smiling Fruit Magnet Set by Linus and Fiona.


Master Bedroom & Bath:

Custom Silhouette Portraits by Blue Clara. Like on Facebook.

Porcelain Ring Dish with Gold Burst Pattern by Tiffinstudio. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter.

Tiffany Blue Chevron Metallic Distressed Magnetic Makeup Frame by Hallie Johanna. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter. Blog. Flickr. Instagram: @HallieJohanna

Vintage Shabby Chic Footed Jewelry Bowl Vanity Tray by Fabulous Finds & Designs.

Handmade Heart Rug by Grams Heart.

Jude & Ruby’s Room:

Pink Bow Garland  by A Simple Kind of Love. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter. Read Blog. Instagram: @asimplekindoflove

Pink and Aqua Yarn Pom Pom Flowers by The Flower Craft Shop. Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter.
Aqua Blue Heart Garland by Art’s Delight.

ABC’s Tattoo Flash Set by getrawesome. Instagram: @getrawesome & @surehandsigns


HELLO KITTY Wall Art Decal Sticker by Vegas Art Wall.com. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter.
Customizable Stuffed Animal Storage By Folks. Like on Facebook.



Lookie Boo Custom Wooden Business Logo Wall Hanging Sign by Scribbleture. Like Scribbleture on Facebook.