Shane Co.: All That Glitters!

Shane Co. holds a special place in my husband and I’s lives. On our 1 year dating anniversary, Michael bought me my first strand of pearls at Shane Co. and he had such a great experience that he went back to also purchase my engagement ring there. One of the things that originally drew us to Shane Co. was not only their huge selection but their friendly staff. The staff does not work on sales commission like most jewelry stores, so we felt less pressure even when walking through the door. Everyone was super helpful without making us feel like they were trying to get something from us. It felt like their concern was to assist us in finding what we needed. When Michael took me to look at Engagement rings months before he proposed, the staff didn’t bat an eye at us when we told them of our small still-in-college budget. In fact, when we were first dating Michael always joked that the only ring he’d be able to afford to buy me would have to come from a .50 machine.

Months later, Michael was home visiting from Culinary college in San Francisco. He re-created our first date, taking me to the same Italian restaurant and park that overlooked the city. When he got down on his knee and pulled out a plastic .50 ring holder, I had a feeling I knew what was inside. He asked me to marry him and slipped the engagement ring on my finger I had lusted over months earlier at Shane Co.. It was truly one of the greatest moments of my life!

I think often about the day that Jude & Ruby will get married. In fact, I think often of when they will grow up and no longer “need” me. About when they live apart from us and we have to beg them to visit. Then I think about other moments of joy in life, like when Ruby’s boyfriend surprises her with her first strand of pearls, or proposes. The continued joy that accompanies those events far surpasses any sort of sadness I fear. In fact, in a (tiny) way, I look forward to the day Ruby asks me to tell her about the day her father proposed.

This Holiday season Shane Co. has some gorgeous pieces! I still love my pearls Michael bought me from Shane Co. years ago! Currently Shane Co. has TWO different cultured freshwater pearl set options for only $100! These sets would also be great for girls & teens! {See photos below}




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