SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Headphones Giveaway!!!

Remember that one time I gave away an epic SOL REBUBLIC Deck Portable Bluetooth Speaker System? Ya. Some dude named Bob won and everyone was like, “WE HATE YOU BOB. DIE BOB. YOU’RE THE WORST HUMAN EVER, BOB.” Things got heated real quick. So, Bob I have some great news for you, I am doing another SOL REPUBLIC giveaway. I hope the death threats stop and you can find a way to move forward with your life.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet SOL REPUBLIC’s Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones.


I recently gifted these to my handsome husbie, Michael for his birthday.

He had no clue they were coming and he was so excited that I’m pretty positive a squeal came out.

IMG_5251Do you want to feel pure joy like this bearded fellow? I thought so.

First, lets talk in detail about how freaking awesome these Master Tracks actually are.

master tracks interchangable sol republic lookie boo 2Master Tracks are the first interchangeable over-ear headphones to deliver the ultimate immersive music experience.

I think the absolute most revolutionary thing about these headphones is that they are completely customizable. I can’t tell you how many pairs of headphones I’ve had where the cable gets twisted wrong and just stops working. With these? Since they come completely apart, you can just replace the cable. So they will last you as long as you want them to. Not to mention said cables come in rad colors. The same customizable options are available for the headset piece. Check out SOL REPUBLIC’s website to see all the prints available. They also have some sweet College Team headbands if you or someone you love is a big fan.

master tracks interchangable sol republic lookie boo

Here’s some more information straight from SOL REPUBLIC: Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC is proud to announce the arrival of its Master Tracks over-ear headphones in three signature colors: gunmetal, white and blue. Built from the groundbreaking Tracks on-ear headphone platform, Master Tracks over-ear headphones offer virtually indestructible, interchangeable headband and cables for total customization and personalization. Unique to Master Tracks are the new X3 Sound Engines that deliver an immersive music experience balanced with powerful bass, clear highs and vocal accuracy. 

 Scott Hix, SOL REPUBLIC President, notes: “Since we announced Master Tracks in January we have been inundated with requests to see it, listen to it and to buy it. Now available at our retail partners, Master Tracks are an extension of our commitment to offer every music lover a comfortable over-ear headphone with incredible sound and style.” 

SOL REPUBLIC believes if music sounds better it feels better and that headphones should reflect your sense of style and be built to last. With our carefully chosen materials, colors, and finishes, Master Tracks let you personalize your headphones  — making them the ultimate music fan’s accessory. Like SOL REPUBLIC’s Tracks headphones, Master Tracks are virtually indestructible. Constructed from SOL REPUBLIC’s proprietary polymer called FlexTech™, Master Tracks Sound Track headbands can withstand heavy and frequent use without breaking.

New X3 Sound Engine Delivers An Immersive Sound Experience
SOL REPUBLIC is made up of music fanatics who want to bring great sound to the masses. Inspiration for the sound of the X3 Sound Engines came from the music experiences you get from a great-sounding nightclub. While not all clubs sound the same, the best ones have big, immersive sound systems so well powered that what you hear is controlled, dynamic, tight and clean. What you feel is the power and emotion of the music without it just being “loud.” 

To provide that rich, deep and powerful sound, Master Tracks feature SOL REPUBLIC’s new X3 Sound Engine, delivering super-deep bass that stays amazingly tight with smooth, controlled highs. But the true beauty lies in the X3’s mid range, which replicates vocals with detailed authenticity. Mid-range is where voice lives and because most people know what it’s supposed to sound like, many manufacturers tune around it if they cannot reproduce it accurately. Master Tracks X3 Sound Engines deliver mid-range vocals so clearly, that we showcase it instead of hiding it. 

Gunmetal, Blue and White Master Tracks are available now at and at leading retailers worldwide, including Apple, Best Buy and Target, for $199.99. Separate Ion Green, Progressive Purple and Fluoro Red Remix Sound Track Headband colors are also available in mid-June at SOL for $39.99. Master Tracks come standard with 3-button mic and control cable and an all-new reinforced nylon ripstop fabric carry case, and are backed by a 1,000-day headband guarantee where SOL REPUBLIC will replace a band in the unlikely event that it breaks. SOL REPUBLIC continues to set the bar in what a music lover should expect from headphones.

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