Dear Teachers,

The following is a letter sent out to Jude’s teachers (and really all special needs teachers everywhere) to thank them for their time they’ve spent helping our Jude.


Dear Ms. Erica, Stacey, Pam & Connie,

I’m sitting here dumbfounded by the progress Jude has made with you in the past two years.

When Jude began Preschool with you all, he was almost completely non-verbal. Now he is ordering me around the house all day long. And I have you ladies to thank for that. When Jude began I’m sure you remember he couldn’t even sit in circle time, now when he comes home he sings me the songs he has learned there.

When Jude began, he still wore a diaper and needed full self-care assistance, now he’s potty trained and can put on his clothes and shoes.

When Jude began, he payed little attention to his peers, now he’s asking when he can play with Bailey, Rainy, Aiden and Ari.

When Jude began, he made little eye contact with us when he spoke, now he grabs my face to tell me he loves me.

Over all, when Jude began with you ladies, life felt unlivable. Watching Jude’s frustration was heartbreaking for us. You have helped our lives to soar from surviving to thriving. For this we are forever grateful.

Thank you sincerely for all of your time, patience, kindness, love and understanding when teaching our child. The work that you do, in the amazing way that you do it, can only be done by a select few.

They say that these early years of development are the absolute most important of a child’s life and I am glad that mine was able to spend his with you.


Tiffany Reese