Squirtini Bikini for little ladies!


Squirtini Bikini, a surf-centric brand evolved when former volley ball player and model, Farley Boyle recognized a niche market when she could not find fashionable, age appropriate suits for her 11 year old daughter who could no longer shop in the girls department due to her size. Upon being forced to shop in the adult section Farley realized that the cuts, designs and overall construction were not suitable for the TWEEN girl. Girls at this age are not looking to accentuate what they are getting nor are they secure about their bodies recent transformations. Farley designed forgiving silhouettes using minor construction to help downplay attention to sensitive areas.

Squirtini’s custom fabrics contains a built in 50 SPF and feature fun, beach inspired prints like: starfish, seahorses, palm trees, flamingoes, flip flops, suns, surfboards, waves, etc. Each collection contains a bevy of vibrant prints along with solid mix-and-match separates in a kaleidoscope of colors. Girls can reincarnate drawers containing suits from seasons past with solid reversible tops and bottoms, showcasing the true fashionista within.

To view the entire collection, visit www.squirtinibikini.com.