Jude’s 6th Batman Birthday!

I’m going to start this birthday arty re-cap post the same way I always do: by pointing out how I can’t believe this child is bigger and time is an asshole and I’m one step closer to all of my children leaving me and beginning my collection of teacup pigs in an attempt to heal my broken heart.

Okay. Done. Totally fine. Anyways, Jude wanted a Batman birthday party this year and I was just relieved that he didn’t force me into throwing him an Angry Birds party.

I’ve got three kids now, so my party planning game has not been as strong as past years, however my kids don’t care. They still find me impressive somehow. Jude really only cared about a few things: friends/family, sweets and presents. Those are his party essentials and he’s not wrong. Oh, he also wanted tacos because hes not an idiot. So we had a taco bar (and pinata, long story) and it was super easy and delicious.

I’d like to give a big giant shout out to Sean of Sean Greeley Photography for capturing some awesome moments of the day. You should check out his website and like him on Facebook.