My Office & Desk Necessities!

Thank you to HP for sponsoring this post.

Lookie Boo office House that ETSY built

My original office featured in “The House That Etsy Built” project.

Ahhh, memories. This is my original office I set up when we first moved into our house about 3.5 years ago.  A lot has changed since then – including another baby! Pictured here is my first HP Notebook that I used for going on 4 years until my new love came into my life.

HP 17' Laptop Lookie Boo

Isn’t she lovely?! I haven’t named her yet, but she’s pretty awesome. Meet my fresh HP 17” White Notebook — my new BFF.  I opted for white because it matches all of my outfits, but this Notebook is also available in blue, white, red teal and silver.

In addition to finding the perfect laptop for my lifestyle & business, I have discovered my absolute necessities for my work space. These things help set me up for success and put me in the right zone.


{1} 2017 COLOR ME Organized Perfect Planner // Combining my need for schedule organization and love for coloring.

{2} Apple Round Fitness Ball in pink // When my back starts to get sore from longer periods of sitting,  I stretch and switch to sitting on this 26″ fitness ball.

{3} Wireless Optical Mouse // Helps work longer without discomfort in my hand and wrist.  Also helps avoid things like arthritis and carpel tunnel later in life.

{4} HP 17.3″ HD LED Intel Quad-Core, 8GB RAM 2TB HDD Windows 10 Laptop with Software, Services and Lifetime Support If you might have noticed, photos are everything to me. I’m the crazy lady taking pictures of my kids every hour. Which thankfully lead me to this blog and many awesome opportunities. However, this requires a lot of storage and most Notebooks in my past just didn’t have enough room for all my crazy. My new BFF here offers 2 TB of storage allowing me to quickly move between multiple apps  AND letting me easily store all of my media in one place.

I’ve been promoting the awesome sale HSN is having of the HP Notebooks the past week  on social media and the awesome spot they had this past Sunday (7/24) featuring The Girls With Glasses! They are just so cute, I really need to step my glasses game up. I love the Behind the Scenes at HSN Facebook live video they did. Facebook Live is so rad, it makes me feel like I can be everywhere at once.

Bottom line, this HP Notebook is a standout in the tech space, touting the largest hard drive HSN has ever offered, CD/DVD drive and Windows 10! Engineered by the great minds at HP, you can count on this Notebook for it’s thin, portable body and powerful Intel Pentium Core processor.

{5} Thug Life Extra Large Coffee Mug // By Simply Pretty Prints on Etsy. Because, coffee.

{6} Wrist Supporting Mouse Pad // Like the optical mouse, it helps work longer without discomfort in my hand and wrist.  Also helps avoid things like arthritis and carpel tunnel later in life.

What are your desk necessities for success?

Until Next time!

XO Tiffany


While this post is sponsored by HP,  the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.