Dearest Lookie Boos,

Michael here, the slightly lesser half of Tiffany Reese, (creator of Lookie Boo & Baby Mama).  I’m excited to announce that I will be joining Tiffany on this blogging adventure!

Recently, our family has gone through some major changes and as a way to introduce myself, I thought I would share a little bit of our craziness with you.

If you would of told me a few months ago that I would now be a stay at home Dad, I would of told you that you’re crazy, and maybe sprinkled in a few expletives for good measure. Yet here I am, seven weeks in, driving the kids to and from school, cleaning, cooking, attempting to keep up on the laundry (sorry babe), and about a million other things I am trying not to forget.


You see I was a “regular” working Dad, Head Chef at a popular local pub, grinding through 12+ hour shifts  5, 6, 7 days a week for over eight years. Basically, I lived there.

As the kids have gotten older they have only become more aware and inquisitive as to why I was always working. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve disappointed them because I had to work. But we needed money for rent, groceries, health insurance, a car, blah blah blah, you get it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how anyone can have any semblance of a family life when working so many hours. Unfortunately, putting family first meant spending very little time with the people I love most.

But then my amazing, talented, beautiful, independent, determined, badass of a wife somehow found time to apply (and go through what seemed like a million interviews) and land her DREAM JOB! A “real” job with “real” hours and almost unlimited growth potential.

The caveat was I would need to quit my current high-demand job, in order to step in and support at home.  Tiffany’s job requires commuting & traveling (lucky!)…..and we have three kids under 7. Who wants to work a job just to give all of your income to childcare?

So now I’m here, Michael Reese, House Dad…

To say that being a stay at home parent is hard is an understatement. Moreover, there is a learning curve I’m still trying to to crawl my way up. Parenting isn’t even the hardest part, I feel like that has always come natural to me. It’s the weird, no-rhythm multitasking that hasn’t quite clicked in my head yet.

Ask me to cater a dinner for 100 people tomorrow and I’ll have it for you by noon. But tell me I need to do the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, pick the kids up, do homework, and put dinner on the table all roughly at the same time, how exactly does this get done? Oh, and someone pooped their pants? Ya, I’ll get right on that…

Father Daughter Dance, on a Friday night!

Am I struggling? Yeah, completely falling on my face half the time. Is it worth it? Every second. I’m the luckiest man alive! Tiffany thanks me for “letting her” have the chance to fully pursue her passions and desires, but really I should be thanking her for giving me the chance to be home with our kids, the chance to really get to know them and hopefully have a positive influence on their lives. Not just be the overworked, tired dad, who falls asleep as soon as he sits down. I know I’ll get the hang of this, and for laundry’s sake, hopefully sooner than later.

So what kinds of posts can you expect to see from me in the future?  I will mostly be focusing on content related to Food (of course), Men’s Fashion and #HouseDad life. Have a recipe request? Let me know. I look forward to joining Tiffany on this ride and continuing to build upon Lookie Boo’s 5+ years of awesome content.