Knott’s Berry Vacation

Thanks to  Knott’s Berry Farm for sponsoring our trip to the park!

In all honesty I was not sure what to expect when we were invited to spend the day at Knott’s Berry Farm during our recent summer vacation. I went when I was 10, but after racking my old man with three kids brain the only detail I could remember was that I had fun. So taking the kids this summer was like going for the first time and had me a little nervous. “Will the kids like it? Will there be things they will actually enjoy besides seeing their beloved Snoopy in real life? Do they have a kids area they won’t burn out on in 5 minutes?” All these worries were quickly squashed as soon as we headed into the park.

The first area we checked out was the newly updated “Ghost Town Alive“, and I’m pretty sure we could have spent most of the day here. Upon entering I felt like I had been transported into an old spaghetti western I grew up watching over my dad’s shoulder. The employees were actually actors playing different roles according to their area of work in Ghost Town.

The kid’s first stop was the Barber who promptly greeted them with a thick southern accent and offered to “trim their whiskers”, which turned out to be the addition of a handlebar mustache to each kids face. They absolutely loved it. As we left the barber they were greeted by another GTA citizen and were sent on a mission to deliver a telegram to a man working at the train station. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves in the middle of a shootout between the sheriff and a posse of outlaws. Like I stated before, we could have spent most of the day there, petting horses, going on missions for the townsfolk, or watching the different live shows that popped up throughout the day.  Overall we were super impressed and happy we had the opportunity to explore Ghost Town Alive!

The rest of day we spent going on rides and eating gratuitous amounts of food. We were fortunate enough to get a fast pass wristband in addition to our tickets and let me tell you, if you are going to Knott’s to ride roller coasters it’s totally worth the extra expense. The fast pass didn’t really matter so much for the kid’s ride area (totally fun and perfect for young kids btw) but for teenagers and adults it was amazing, the fast pass  line was generally the exit line and the longest we had to wait was like 2 minutes as opposed to the hour+ waits everyone else had to suffer through. Full disclosure, we rode the log ride three times in a row.

Overall we had a fantastic time exploring all that Knott’s Berry Farm had to offer, from Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken, the rides,  and the adventure laden Ghost Town Alive, we will definitely be going back!