Road Tripping with Kia

Extra special thanks to Kia for giving us this opportunity to test drive the car for the week, it really made our vacation that much sweeter!
“We will never be a minivan family.”,  I’m pretty sure this was in our wedding vows. Fast forward nine years and three kids, and Tiffany and I have been happily  stuffing all five of our cute little asses into a four door sedan, until recently that is…

This summer we were finally able to take the kids on a long awaited trip to Legoland California. While we were preparing for the 9 hour journey in our own little car we were offered the chance by our friends at Kia to test drive a Sedona  for our trip instead! Now I will state this again, we have always been committed to being a no minivan family, but to be perfectly honest, I had no idea how dumb that was until we headed off down the coast.

I packed the van, installed the car seats, and we were ready to roll, with extra room in the trunk I might add, despite Tiffany’s twenty-nine suit cases she had to bring along. First things first though, music. There was a USB plugin located by the stereo that allowed us to control our iPhones directly through huge in dash touchscreen. We loaded up our favorite heavily edited hip-hop playlist and turned up. Tiffany and I were both immediately impressed by the sound quality, so impressed it took us a while to hear the kids screams from the back telling us to turn the music down.

Once on the freeway one of my favorite features, hands down, was the super intuitive cruise control. Now this wasn’t your basic “set your speed” cruise control, it actually controlled your speed up and down depending on the traffic around you! Not only that, you can set how far you would like to stay back from the car in front of you. I felt like I was driving a space ship; “Captain Michael-Cruise Control Badass”.

Now for most families going on a long road trip can be a real relationship test, especially in tight quarters. On this trip space was a plenty,  yet another thing the Kia Sedona rubbed in our van hating faces. “Oh your brother is being annoying? Just move to another seat.” “Whats that? You’re actually willing to share your snack? Move on back.” Not only did the van provide us with the space to move and get away from whoever was being annoying or farting too much, you could also move the front rear row forward, backward, and more importantly, side to side, making loading and unloading the kids the thousands times they had too pee that much easier.

While I can’t say with scientific certainty that driving the Sedona for our trip made our normally perfect attitude angel babies who never, ever, ever fight, argue, or bicker, act any better, I  will go ahead and say it was one of the most pleasant long distance drives we have ever had. There was nary a complaint, the kids had plenty of space when they needed it, plenty of USB outlets to charge tablets and phones, two moon roofs, sun screens on all the back windows for nap time, and to top it all off, air conditioned front seats so I avoided all the disgusting back sweat I normally get driving for hours on end.

To sum it up, thanks to the Kia Sedona, the Reeses are now true minivan believers. It looks like we’re gonna have to rewrite those wedding vows.