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Road Tripping with Kia

Extra special thanks to Kia for giving us this opportunity to test drive the car for the week, it really made our vacation that much sweeter!
“We will never be a minivan family.”,  I’m pretty sure this was in our wedding vows. Fast forward nine years and three kids, and Tiffany and I have been happily  stuffing all five of our cute little asses into a four door sedan, until recently that is…

This summer we were finally able to take the kids on a long awaited trip to Legoland California. While we were preparing for the 9 hour journey in our own little car we were offered the chance by our friends at Kia to test drive a Sedona  for our trip instead! Now I will state this again, we have always been committed to being a no minivan family, but to be perfectly honest, I had no idea how dumb that was until we headed off down the coast.

I packed the van, installed the car seats, and we were ready to roll, with extra room in the trunk I might add, despite Tiffany’s twenty-nine suit cases she had to bring along. First things first though, music. There was a USB plugin located by the stereo that allowed us to control our iPhones directly through huge in dash touchscreen. We loaded up our favorite heavily edited hip-hop playlist and turned up. Tiffany and I were both immediately impressed by the sound quality, so impressed it took us a while to hear the kids screams from the back telling us to turn the music down.

Once on the freeway one of my favorite features, hands down, was the super intuitive cruise control. Now this wasn’t your basic “set your speed” cruise control, it actually controlled your speed up and down depending on the traffic around you! Not only that, you can set how far you would like to stay back from the car in front of you. I felt like I was driving a space ship; “Captain Michael-Cruise Control Badass”.

Now for most families going on a long road trip can be a real relationship test, especially in tight quarters. On this trip space was a plenty,  yet another thing the Kia Sedona rubbed in our van hating faces. “Oh your brother is being annoying? Just move to another seat.” “Whats that? You’re actually willing to share your snack? Move on back.” Not only did the van provide us with the space to move and get away from whoever was being annoying or farting too much, you could also move the front rear row forward, backward, and more importantly, side to side, making loading and unloading the kids the thousands times they had too pee that much easier.

While I can’t say with scientific certainty that driving the Sedona for our trip made our normally perfect attitude angel babies who never, ever, ever fight, argue, or bicker, act any better, I  will go ahead and say it was one of the most pleasant long distance drives we have ever had. There was nary a complaint, the kids had plenty of space when they needed it, plenty of USB outlets to charge tablets and phones, two moon roofs, sun screens on all the back windows for nap time, and to top it all off, air conditioned front seats so I avoided all the disgusting back sweat I normally get driving for hours on end.

To sum it up, thanks to the Kia Sedona, the Reeses are now true minivan believers. It looks like we’re gonna have to rewrite those wedding vows.






Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) Live Event!

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Thank you to Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) for sponsoring this post.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) live event. This book is by personal finance expert, journalist, and bestselling author Beth Kobliner and is based on the latest research from the fields of psychology, child development, and behavioral economics. As a young parent to three beautiful (wild) children, I want to expand my personal knowledge of financial responsibility and ways to teach these principals to my children throughout their lives.

 Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) is a jargon-free, step-by-step guide to help parents teach their kids from ages three to twenty-three about money. I personally hate math and generally anything that involves numbers (except discount percentages – those are my fav) and this book is easy to read, understand and implement.

For example, I love this idea Beth gives of having children disperse money into three different jars; Save, Spend & Give. This simple yet smart method teaches children the importance of dividing their money in thoughtful ways. The beauty of this book is that it is full of “teachable moments” like this one, that allows parents to learn how to teach their kids character traits that are important in all aspects of life. Such as a strong work ethic, the ability to exercise self-control, weigh our choices carefully,  perseverance to work toward long and short term goals, and a generous spirit.

In addition to learning a ton, I enjoyed meeting other awesome Bloggers that have like-minded goals for their families. The snacks weren’t bad either.

If you are looking for ways to teach your children financial responsibility, I highly recommend Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not).

This book is out now and available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think!

Special thank you to Green Vintage Photography for these gorgeous images.



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Beth Kobliner Company LLC.


Target Promo Codes via CouponBox!

Last week I had to run  into Target to grab a couple quick items and at checkout my total was less than $20. Ruby announced to the cashier and myself, “Well that’s got to be some kind of record!” Thanks Ruby. I love when my 5 year old calls me out on my Target addiction. is an awesome savings and coupon website that regularly publishes stories & advice related to finance and budgeting. They also offer coupons for places I already shop at, like Target.

Check out these awesome savings over at

BRB gotta go spend all my money.

XOXO // Tiffany

Lookie Boo loves Borrow Mini Couture!

Lookie Boo would like to first thank Amanda Rose Photography for shooting this editorial! Make sure to check out her Photography Blog and “like” her on Facebook! Additionally, Amanda and I both would like to thank Jackie’s Flowers in Historic Elk Grove, CA for allowing us to invade their GORGEOUS space. If you are a lover of things vintage and INCREDIBLE, you must visit Jackie’s shop. You’ll see why below.



Borrow Mini Couture (BMC) is the first and only venture of its kind to bring the high-end fashion rental phenomenon to children’s clothing. Its partnerships with over 30 premier designers, including Versace, Chloe, Stella McCartney, Rachel Riley and Roberto Cavalli, allow parents to dress their children in designer clothing at a fraction of the cost.

“My children grow so quickly that it can get very expensive to dress them, especially in a special-occasion outfit they’ll only wear once,” said Heidi Lieske, CEO of BMC. “Now, parents can get designer quality clothing at affordable mall prices.”

I was ECSTATIC to discover Borrow Mini Couture for obvious reasons. When I found out Ruby’s Christian Dior dress had arrived at our door step (completely insured, btw) I texted Amanda Bellamy right away, because I don’t know what calls for a photo shoot if Dior doesn’t. Amanda captured Ruby’s Day in Dior so beautifully. See the magic below and find out more about Borrow Mini Couture as well.
























Through BMC’s easy-to-use website, customers can borrow outfits for five days with free shipping and free insurance included in every order. With the recent launch of a boy’s line, BMC now offers thousands of outfits for girls and boys in sizes six months to four years. Parents can choose from up to 400 different styles from Dior, Jottum, Il Gufo, Appaman, Moschino, Simonetta, David Charles of London, Fendi, Baby Graziella, Baby CZ and more. Rental prices start at $30.

“We add to our collection each season to be sure we carry the latest trends as well as the classic styles. Our goal is to offer a variety of designers to meet the different fashion preferences of its customers,” said Melissa Brown, buyer for BMC. This season, BMC is proud to announce the addition of Pampolina, Charabia, Sonya Rykiel, Right Bank Baby, Microbe by Miss Grant, Hugo Boss and Crewcuts to our lineup. BMC’s Fall/Winter and Holiday 2013 collections are now available.

With the U.S. children’s clothing and accessories category predicted to grow annually at 7 percent over the next five years, twice as fast as women’s apparel and 40 percent faster than men’s apparel, the children’s U.S. clothing industry is forecasted to reach $80 billion by 2017 (Source: Marketline Global Childrenswear Market Report, 2013). Brands such as Gucci, Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin are jumping into the children’s category at the same time designer rental companies, like Rent the Runway, Bag, Borrow or Steal, and Nearly Newlywed, have seen tremendous growth.
Borrow Mini Couture, formerly Borrow Baby Couture, is an online startup company located just north of Baltimore that allows parents to rent special occasion clothes at up to 80% off of retail.

• For girls: A. Bird, Appaman, Baby CZ, Baby Graziella, Charabia, Chloe, David Charles, Dior, Elle, Fendi, I Pinco Pallino, Il Gufo, Isabel Garreton, John Galliano, Jottum, Magil, Microbe by Miss Grant, Moschino, Pampolina, Rachel Riley, Right BankBabies, Roberto Cavalli, Simonetta, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Versace, Victoria Kids and Zoe
• For boys: Crewcuts and Hugo Boss

• For girls: sizes 9 months- 4 years
• For boys: sizes 2 years- 4 years

• Every rental price includes shipping both ways and insurance
• Rental prices range from $30- $99
• Rental periods are 5 days
• Customers can reserve their rental up to a year in advance

• Weddings (flower girls, ring bearers, and guests)
• Birthday parties
• Holidays
• Photo shoots
• Parties
• Family events

Lookie Boo would again like to thank Amanda Rose Photography for shooting this editorial! Make sure to check out her Photography Blog and “like” her on Facebook! Additionally, Amanda and I both would like to thank Jackie’s Flowers in Historic Elk Grove, CA for allowing us to invade their GORGEOUS space. If you are a lover of things vintage and INCREDIBLE, you must visit Jackie’s shop.