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Instyle suggests wearing a white dress to a wedding. Discuss.


Today I take a break from small fashion and opening-retail-store-madness to ask you to weigh in on this. I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday, flipping through Instyle, when I came to this page. My mouth dropped open. I’m a pretty non-traditional person in general, however I am serious about this sort of thing. In fact last weekend a good friend of mine got married and I was freaking out because I was thinking about wearing a dress that was white and black polka dots on the bust alone. I felt the need to annoyingly ask everyone I knew if it was ok. They all said, “It’s not like you are wearing a WHITE DRESS to a wedding. I mean, that WOULD be messed up.” So coming across this article made me question what I believed even further. Of all days to wear a white dress, I really don’t think a friend or family members wedding is the time. What do you think? Stupid old-school tradition or a major nish-nish??? Discuss.