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Summer Fun: DIY Art Shoes!

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and Sharpie, but all the opinions are my own. #PMedia #PaintYourWay

If you are anything like me, sometimes finding new activities to do with the kiddos in the summer can be challenging. Indoor crafts are one of our favorite pastimes when its too hot out. This project was really fun to do with Ruby Mae! Homegirl is obsessed with Kittens, in fact her birthday party next weekend is Kitten themed (stay tuned). Of course, you can customize the theme of your project however you’d like. Or you can be less Type-A than me and let your kids go buck wild with their own “design”.

First, I went to Michael’s in search of Sharpie’s Paint Markers. The nice thing about using these markers (I went with oil based, they also have water based) with the kiddos is there was no mess afterward. I’m all about any art activity that doesn’t include a mess.

photo(3)Michael’s had a huge display with lots of choices. Also, Michael’s is always having great deals/sales, you can get more info in their Sunday Circular or at Michael’s website (while supplies last).

Next, I found these canvas shoes, they were actually on Clearance, so bonus.

Lookie Boo DIY sharpies paint markers 2I loved this Sharpie Paint Marker pack with all the bright fun colors, especially for summer.

These bad boys are going to get a lot of use.

Lookie Boo DIY sharpies paint markersThis is what we ended up with! I obviously helped Ruby quite a bit this time, but she just loves wearing these shoes now! She’s so proud of them and every time she wears them it remind us both of the quality time we spent together making them.

Lookie Boo DIY sharpies paint markers 5Lookie Boo DIY sharpies paint markers 3Fun! Next time I think I’ll even let her go crazy on her own.

Thanks for reading!

How are you keeping busy with the kiddos this summer?

Be the Coolest Parent at the Park {Unlike Me}

As previously mentioned, we are making an extra effort to spend more time outside this year. So far, one thing I have noticed about the most popular parents at the park? They roll prepared. So, I’ve decided to make myself less embarrassing to my children and putting together a Park Party Bag to keep in the car. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far based on watching cooler parents than I. Please feel free to share your ideas!

Be the coolest Mom at the park {unlike me}

Easy, Inexpensive & Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Littles! {Nerd}

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4This costume was super easy and inexpensive to put together!

The white oxford shirt is a hand-me-down from big brother Jude, plaid skirt from a thrift store, bowtie borrowed from Dada, glasses from Forever21 (just wrapped white tape around center) and suspenders from American Apparel. Fun, easy, cheap and cute. I would love to find a little pocket protector or lab coat to go with it!