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Madison Reed Haircolor: Better for You!

I’m so excited to share with you my new favorite way to color my hair professionally- at home! Madison Reed offers nutrient-rich at-home hair color and hair care products that are free of gluten and harsh chemicals like ammonia, resorcinol, added paraben and PPD. As a paranoid pregnant person, I love that Madison Reed offers salon hair color and hair care you can do at home that is better for you. Their long-lasting formulas are packed with rich nutrients like keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract for stronger, shinier and healthier hair. No longer sacrifice your health for beautiful hair. Smaller color molecules, called micropigments, create a gentler coloring process that doesn’t require ammonia to aggressively open the hair cuticle to deposit the color the way other dyes do. Our formula has no pungent smell, leaves hair stronger and allows it to hold color longer.

I knew I was in for a better experience right away once I visited the Madison Reed website and found that I could consult on which hair color to order three different ways: the online Color Adviser, Color Translator or mobile app. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to hair, especially picking the correct hair dye color, so I found this extremely beneficial. This process takes into account current hair color, texture, length, thickness, etc to ensure your package arrives perfectly customized for your mane. I knew I wanted to take my hair a little bit darker, as I have a baby on the way and want something easier to maintain. Plus, I usually like to go a little darker in the winter time. Using the color adviser tool, it clearly showed me which shades would work best with my current hair.

I ordered my color kit on a Wednesday and received it by Friday, I was very impressed with how quickly it arrived. I’m not a very patient person, obvi. When I opened my kit, I was instantly impressed with how, beautiful it was. That probably sounds weird to call a hair dye kit beautiful, but it was.

Madison Reed Haircolor Kit

Even my husband (who is my at-home hair color assistant) was impressed with how much the kit includes! I loved the thought put into it, especially that it includes barrier cream, two sets of gloves and a cap! Things I always forget about until I’m mid color and then begin to panic. The quality of the products is evident in the way it smelled upon beginning my color. You know what I’m talking about, that rich spa/salon smell? Not often dying your hair smells good.

 madison reed beforeMadison Reed Haircolor After Photo

Want to give Madison Reed a try? I have an exclusive 50% off offer for my readers! Visit Madison Reed and enter BETTERCOLOR at checkout to receive 50% off your first purchase!

Be the Coolest Parent at the Park {Unlike Me}

As previously mentioned, we are making an extra effort to spend more time outside this year. So far, one thing I have noticed about the most popular parents at the park? They roll prepared. So, I’ve decided to make myself less embarrassing to my children and putting together a Park Party Bag to keep in the car. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far based on watching cooler parents than I. Please feel free to share your ideas!

Be the coolest Mom at the park {unlike me}

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What Mama Wears

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Hello Lookie Boos! This is the first post of our new series “What Mama Wears”. The reasoning behind it is simple-ish, people have told me “You should start a plus size fashion blog!” Which, thanks people (sincerely), but I simply don’t have the time for a separate blog. So I’m going to try to include some of my own outfits here on Lookie Boo from time to time. Without further nervous typing…. XOXO, Tiffany Reese

IMG_6003IMG_6002Navy Rose Dress by Land’s End (Via Gwynnie Bee) and Vintage pillbox hat.