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Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge 2016!

Guys. -Dramatic Pause- I have a new little fashion obsession, cloth diapers. I actually can’t believe I’m on my third kid and now just discovering their glory but better late than never, right?

#MCMSChallenge via Lookie BooOzzybear & Teddy looking cute AF in Kanga Care Rumparooz

Full disclosure, I’ve had a few friends over the years that cloth diapered and tried to talk me into it (okay fine you were right) because I love doing laundry (its my thing, ok?) and I love cute stuff. I kind of just rolled my eyes and was like “Ew. Poop.” and figured it was another Hipster trend for people who eat their placenta and give birth in tubs.

“You’ll also save money!” they said. Because I’m actually a really frugal person despite my love for cute glittery shiny things and obvious fashion addiction issues. Side note…I hate the word frugal, it makes me feel like I’m going to start smelling like moth balls or something. But I am. I love a sale, a deal, a coupon and saving money makes me tingle in a weird way. Like, its kind of a problem. Anyways.

About a month or so (honestly my concept of time is gone, what month is it anyways?) I was approached by the two fantastic ladies – Kimberly Rosas of Dirty Diaper Laundry // Giving Diapers Giving Hope & Amanda Hearn of Green Child Magazine // Giving Diapers Giving Hope about becoming one of the selected challengers for the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge (or #MCMSChallenge if you will) I was like, I’ll try anything once. Seductive winky smiley face.

mcmschallengeinvite-600x600Then I locked myself in the bathroom in an attempt to get my kids away from me for 5 minutes and googled, “Cloth Diapering for beginners” and got really confused. Wait, there’s different kinds? What? I do what with the poop? Thankfully I was then pointed in the direction of the most helpful group of parents on Facebook The Cloth Diaper Experiment. I was a little scared to join a cloth diaper group because Mom Groups in general give me hives, but these parents have been extremely helpful and encouraging. So thanks guys.

The first part of the challenge was a big Kickoff Party where the “Challengers were announced” which kinda made me feel cool but then I remembered I’m not. The sponsors of the #MCMSChallenge gave away a ton of rad stuff too. We’ll get to the sponsors in a minute but first I need to show you this video where Ozzy and I pretend we like to be filmed and bring the awkward.

I know, I really want that heart marquee light too.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to the amazing sponsors of the challenge. Genuinely cannot believe the awesome support and products provided to us “challenge headliners”. I will be supporting these sponsors in the future because they truly have amazing products and incredible customer service and support. I work with a lot of brands and not many of them offer you their cell numbers and to “call or text if you need anything”.


My sincerest thanks these generous sponsors for their support.

allensprizemcmsc-600x600“Over 30 years ago in cooperation with a Store Front Cooperative named Stone Soup, Allen’s Naturally worked with members to offer products free of dyes, perfumes and fragrances. Many of the members were involved in the Feingold diet. Dr. Feingold’s theory was children were hyperkinetic as a result of the dyes in food. It was the belief of the co-op members the colors or dyes in national brands of laundry detergent might leave a residue which may migrate through the skin into the body. Other members who had MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) believed perfumes or fragrances to be a major culprit.”

applecheeksprizemcmsc-600x600 New advances in textile technology allow for amazingly trim fitting washable diapers that unstuff by themselves in the wash! Gone are the days of bulky plastic pants and saggy, wet bottoms. Pins and Snappis are a thing of the past. AppleCheeks cloth diapers bring you the ultimate in form and function, combining effective leak control with attractive styling. Imagine a dry bottom that actually looks good!”

jujubee lookie boo“Smart Bags for Smart People, with over 21+ prints to choose from Ju-Ju-Be offers something for everyone. What makes Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bags better? A toddler melting down in the middle of your favorite diner. An adorable little squish getting hangry (that’s hunger-anger and it’s nothing to mess with!) in the grocery store checkout line. We’ve been there!!! Which is why Ju-Ju-Be created diapers bags with features that allow you to solve any of mom life’s little (or big) problems. Easy-access zipper compartments for storing favorite toys? Yup! Quick, unzip, and hand one to that toddler having an epic meltdown! Insulated bottle pockets to keep your tiny one’s bottles warm? Yes! Quell the hungry outcries in mere seconds! Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags showcase thoughtful, functional features, so you can feel confident no matter where life takes you (or what it throws at ya!)”

lillemcmscprize-600x600LÍLLÉbaby carriers combines more carrying positions, last longer, and include more features than any other baby carrier. Carriers can be used from birth up to 42 pounds in up to six different positions. Built-in foldable neck support to be used for newborns. Ergonomic design balances the baby’s weight to wearers’ hips and shoulders.”

qdspraymcmscprize-504x504“It was a few months into my life with two children, one with a stomach condition that caused horrible digestion and the other with the lovely, breastmilk poops, that I realized something crucial~ I was ALREADY touching poop.  Alot.  The blow outs from disposables were killing me.  So I decided to give cloth diapers a try.  The local store in Memphis had a two week cloth trial.  Within one week, I was sold.  My crunchiness was complete….until I saw the prices on diaper sprayers.  I wanted one, because I still did not want to settle for poop being something I regularly had to rinse off myself, but there was no way that we could fork out $60 for something that only had one purpose. In comes my amazing husband.  As I stand making pleas for our purchase of a diaper sprayer, I heard the most amazing words: “I can do better than that.” The qdspray was born. We’re a mom and pop business.  We’re not trying to make it rich, just trying to get some extra grocery money (Man!  These kids can EAT!).”

RARmcmscprize-600x600“The Rumparooz were born in 2006, shortly after the birth of Autumn, Chad and Julie’s second daughter. They quickly learned that she was highly sensitive to disposable diapers and could not wear them even for a few hours. They became discouraged after lengthy research and sampling of many different brands of cloth diapers. Julie and Chad could not find a cloth diaper that had both the fit and function that they liked. Each diaper change additionally became a full outfit change as the cloth diapers they used could not contain the frequent messes, similar to disposables. Julie started brainstorming, problem solving and inventing leak prevention technology in her own ideas for diaper patterns.”

smartbottomsmcmscprize-600x600Smart Bottoms is more than just a business, it is a passion. Behind every cloth diapering mom (or dad), there’s a story. A story of why they chose to go against the majority, why they chose the healthier, more environmentally friendly, or cheaper option. We want to be a part of your story! I started Smart Bottoms because I am passionate about cloth diapering. It is a choice that my husband and I made with our second child, and have not regretted for a single day (even the messy ones)! Smart Bottoms offers an organic cloth diapering system that is 100% made in the United States. Our high quality products are available at a reasonable price, so all families can provide the finest for their little ones.”

spraypalmcmscprize-504x504“The idea for the Spray Pal splatter shield started when our oldest daughter, who we lovingly refer to as #minispraypal 1.0, was 6 months old and had started eating solid foods. Her cloth diapers became a whole new experience. Based on advice from the cloth diapering community, we soon invested in a diaper sprayer to make the transition to solids easier. The problem was that sprayers = high pressure and high pressure + poop = an even bigger mess each time we used it! Dave, Mr. Spray Pal, was more than eager to jump into action. He’s amazingly handy and loves to come up with creative solutions. He created the first prototype for the Spray Pal shield in March of 2011. With a few design tweaks, we had a product that worked, was lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to store. The Spray Pal was born and brought to market in August of that same year! Spray Pal® is more than just a cloth diapering accessory, it’s a community. What started as one family’s simple solution to spraying cloth diapers has grown into a line of helpful products from a brand you can trust. More than that, Spray Pal has become a community of support for anyone interested in learning about modern cloth diapers as we work to promote the mission we started in 2013, with the hashtag #makeclothmainstream™ “


“The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices. We are committed to building our business in a sustainable manner by focusing on the health of our babies and the environment. Only the best USA-sourced components are chosen for our products in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills and our local economy, and to ensure that Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. We are committed to creating only the highest quality products and dedicated to providing exceptional design and unparalleled performance while saving you money. We are very proud of the fact that all Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado, USA, by a group of very talented individuals, many of whom are moms who work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. With your support, we are able to employ more staff each year, helping to support more families in our local community.”

wecanhelppromo“We founded GDGH in April 2011 and we are excited about all of the families we have been able to help, just through donations alone. We have gotten a good amount of donations, but we obviously are still needing more so we can help as many families as possible. Along with providing diapers to needy families, we are also providing cloth diapering education and support for the duration of the family borrowing the diapers. Our hope is that it is as positive experience as possible for each family. We are also going to try to provide them with as many cloth diapering accessories as possible, such as wetbags, snappi’s, cloth diaper detergent, etc.”



So, how am I feeling a month deep into this shit (literally)? Honestly, I’m loving it! It has been a really challenging month around these parts (broken dryer, diarrhea for weeks, kids in hospital, etc) and despite the challenges I plan to continue cloth diapering full time. Actually, it was kinda good to have so many bumps in the road early on because now that things are calming down cloth diapering seems like a breeze in comparison to that mess! I’ve got poop diapers in my wet bag swag.

If you are interested in giving Cloth Diapering a try, I highly recommend checking out Dirty Diaper Laundry‘s website. It is filled to the brim with good advice, tutorials and awesomeness.  Also, check out The Cloth Diaper Experiment Facebook group!!

Lastly, I’d like to attention-whore some of my favorite shots of my Ozzybear with his new fluff-bottom. It’s my favorite.

IMG_0481Kanga Care Rumparooz


IMG_0727Apple Cheeks

IMG_0870Smart Bottoms

IMG_1001Oh, also here I am making you jealous with my LÍLLÉbaby.

IMG_0802Lastly, here I am making you jealous with my Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag in “Monarch”. There are so many pockets I nearly climaxed upon its arrival. I have a organization fetish. It’s fine. I’m normal.

Thank you so much for reading! If you want to continue following my weird journey into discovering I love spraying poop off diapers into my toilet, join me on Instagram. It’s similar to the joy I feel popping people’s zits.

XOXO // Tiffany

Holiday Hangover.

Hi friends. I’m not dead, just dead tired. How are you? Same, I bet. The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year but I was so incredibly busy I have neglected things like answering emails and you know…working. That said, I’m actually very happy to be back up in my standard routine (BACK TO SCHOOL….YES YES YES!) and looking forward to another year with you. I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up in the next few months for you guys.

Here are some of my favorite outfits over the past month. These kids are getting too big. Rude. Ozzy will be 1 in a few weeks! Unlike.










I hope your 2016 is off to a fantastic start!

Sibling Costume Ideas for Halloween // Franklin Sports NFL Costume Sets!

It’s the most wonderful timeeeee of the yearrrrrrrr!

Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas via Lookie Boo

Jude loves his Franklin’s Official NFL Kid’s Costume Set!!! He’s worn it every second since it arrived in the mail yesterday.

NFl Kids costume ideas via Lookie Boo

Franklin Sports is helping children to get ready for a fun-filled Halloween and football season with Official NFL Kid’s Costume Sets!  Each set includes a helmet, a team jersey and pants and iron-on number kit.  The polyester mesh jersey and pants feature the logos and colors of your favorite team.  The molded plastic helmets come complete with chin strap, and match the helmet designs worn on-field by the pros!  Customize your jersey with the iron-on number kits for an added authentic look and feel!  The sets are offered in multiple sizes, which accommodate most kids ages 4-9.

Lookie Boo

Happy Sunday!