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Ozzy’s First Christmas Party! Well Beginnings Live!

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Thank you Walgreens & Well BeginningsTM  for sponsoring this post and inviting us to your fabulous party!

My Christmas tree is already up. Yes, I’m one of those people. Fall is my favorite time of year and Christmas is one of my absolute favorite days of the year! I was so excited and honored that Ozzybear and I were invited to the Walgreens Well Beginnings Live Event last week! It was so beautiful and well done I wanted to rush home and decorate my house immediately.

View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: you Leslie Callan at Green Vintage Photography for these gorgeous photos!

See what I mean? So cute! It was Ozzy’s first Christmas party so I figured it was only right he get cookies and chocolate. I like living carb-vicariously.

Next, I checked out the Well Beginnings diapers and wipes! I noted immediately that the Well Beginnings diapers are super high quality. In fact, Good Housekeeping tested Well Beginnings as being more absorbent than Huggies. Also, they are very competitively priced, Well Beginnings are a value alternative to big brands. And, now they have a new everyday low price of $6.99 for a package of diapers. Save your money for more important things for your baby! Like Santa PJS and more Christmas party decor!

Whether it’s your baby’s first Christmas party or first Thanksgiving, (Walgreens exclusive) Well BeginningsTM  knows it’s all about keeping your baby happy and healthy. That’s why they have researched the ingredients in their baby products to ensure each meets the highest quality standards. From premium-quality diapers to clinically tested, hypoallergenic baby shampoo and wipes, Well BeginningsTM essential baby care items have you covered.

img_9760img_9783img_9959img_9960I’d say Ozzy greatly enjoyed his first Christmas party! Here’s to many more celebrations this season!!



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.

Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Live Party!

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Thank you Hefty® Ultra Strong™  for sponsoring this post and having Ruby & I at your fabulous party!

View More: week Ruby Mae and I attended a super fun party to celebrate Hefty® Ultra Strong™’s newest campaign and awesome products. Wrestler, host and actor John Cena combines strength and humor for Hefty in a new campaign for Hefty Ultra Strong™ trash bags, the brand’s best bag ever for an ultra-low price. I fell in love with John Cena when I saw him in the movie Trainwreck with Amy Schumer, super funny.

IMG_5874Ruby & I got gussied up with excitement to head to the Hefty® Ultra Strong™ Live Party! We really like parties. And snacks.


We both really liked the Olympics theme of the party! Side note: I’m really excited for the Olympics to start this Friday! It’s like one of the last things the world comes together to participate in. There is a lot of beauty in it.

View More: More: More: adorable. Jude wants an American Themed birthday party this September, so I was taking lots of notes. So fun that Hefty® Ultra Strong™ is bringing back their “Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!” chant back for this new campaign. I showed Ruby the commercials (above) before we arrived at the party and she cracked up at the “Hefty!” voice.

View More: said that her favorite activity at the party was the Slime Station! Probably because her Type-A Mom doesn’t do too many activities in our house that involve messes. This activity however seemed to make zero mess and the kids had a blast!

View More: More: it was time for a much needed snack break.

View More: kids wearing the sweatbands – so adorable. Ruby was obsessed with her trophy and metal. Future Olympian.

View More: Guess the Scent Station was a fun and creative game as well. I don’t want to brag or anything but…I was told I guess the most right, so.

My favorite thing about the Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags happen to be the scents! They offer fresh, invigorating scents, including Clean Burst™, Tropical Paradise™, Lavender & Sweet Vanilla™, White Pine Breeze™, Crisp Orchard Apple™, Citrus Twist™, Pomegranate Mist™ and Scent Free if you’re not into that sort of thing like I am.

All versions offer ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer, active tear resistant technology for better puncture-resistance and a break resistant grip drawstring that prevents the bag from falling inside the can! Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: Hefty® can handle all your trash bag needs, or your money back.

I wanted to share the LIVE love with you all, so I gave Facebook LIVE a shot to give you guys a little tour of the party.

Special thank you to Leslie at  Green Vintage Photography for the lovely professional images featured in this post!

Until next time!

XOXO – Tiffany

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.

Jude’s 6th Batman Birthday!

I’m going to start this birthday arty re-cap post the same way I always do: by pointing out how I can’t believe this child is bigger and time is an asshole and I’m one step closer to all of my children leaving me and beginning my collection of teacup pigs in an attempt to heal my broken heart.

Okay. Done. Totally fine. Anyways, Jude wanted a Batman birthday party this year and I was just relieved that he didn’t force me into throwing him an Angry Birds party.

I’ve got three kids now, so my party planning game has not been as strong as past years, however my kids don’t care. They still find me impressive somehow. Jude really only cared about a few things: friends/family, sweets and presents. Those are his party essentials and he’s not wrong. Oh, he also wanted tacos because hes not an idiot. So we had a taco bar (and pinata, long story) and it was super easy and delicious.

I’d like to give a big giant shout out to Sean of Sean Greeley Photography for capturing some awesome moments of the day. You should check out his website and like him on Facebook.











Ruby Mae’s Lisa Frank Birthday!

My sweet cheeky boo boo recently turned four. Because time is an asshole. She had recently become really excited by Lisa Frank when she received a sweet Lisa Frank coloring book because…Lisa Frank. And Unicorns. This year’s party was very low key in terms of size & decor, but I have to say it was the most fun and least anxiety inducing of all the kids birthday parties. Maybe we’re onto something here.

Lisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie Boo69Lisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie BooLisa Frank Birthday Party by Lookie Boo

Ruby Mae’s gorgeous dress by Pencie & Ginger! Check them out on Facebook.

A special Amanda Rose Photography for shooting this editorial! Check out her Photography Bloglike Amanda Rose Photography on Facebook and follow Amanda on Instagram for more awesomeness.

Epic photo of Ruby riding a Lisa Frank unicorn by the fab Aunt Nini.