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#ThrowbackThursday Jude’s Beatles Themed 1st Birthday Party!

Aside makeup, nail polish, fashion, Hello Kitty, home decor, thrift store shopping and anything with bows, I have an obsession with cute parties. This came about when it was time to start planning our son, Jude’s 1st Birthday party.


I think I drove my husband nuts talking about it for approximately 3 months. After about 45 days of listening to me ramble, he started joining in the fun too and actually helped me come up with some great ideas for the party. I was pleasantly surprised when Jude’s party was featured on Apartment Therapy Family, one of my favorite blogs!

“My husband Michael & I had a hard time thinking of a theme for Jude’s 1st birthday. We knew we wanted to do something a little different, but something that still represented Jude well. Since music and dancing is Jude’s favorite pastime, we thought, why not! I mean, people often start singing The Beatles to us the instant they hear Jude’s name.

Michael is the head chef at an amazing Irish pub in Roseville, Ca called The Boxing Donkey and we were lucky enough to use the restaurant side to host Jude’s big bash. It made for a fun atmosphere, the vibe of the party fit well with the location. The turntable cake was by Melyssa Tucey from The Boxing Donkey. 57266_10150343952385374_6380207_o(1)78324_10150343950685374_6203276_o



Almost everything you see pictured I made by hand myself. It was very cost effective this way and much more personal to me than going on Etsy and paying someone else to do it for me. Since Jude’s party was in October, I wanted to choose colors that would be easily accessible which made the tableware and decorations a lot more affordable.



I made The Beatles cover album party hats by buying a pack of cheap party hats, taking one apart and tracing it to make a template, printed the album covers from our home printer and assembled from there. The “Jude” banner on our food table was made from actual “Hey Jude” sheet music. All the photos from the party were done by Jason Pryor.”

55812_10150343949225374_1511571_o56378_10150343951070374_4027993_o56120_10150343950080374_7072269_o54057_10150343950875374_2014137_o54128_10150343952170374_5822095_o56986_10150343949390374_5644821_o54135_10150343950245374_1641049_o55021_10150343954980374_2624618_o54939_10150343952005374_5994257_o52843_10150343949870374_3133120_o54133_10150343954815374_5805694_o55192_10150343953515374_1633693_o53581_10150343954515374_3056690_oParty by Tiffany Reese of Lookie Boo. Photography by Jason Pryor.

Fashionable Festivities: Ruby’s Parisian 1st Birthday!

I’ve had a few requests for more photos from Ruby’s Parisian 1st Birthday Party, so here we go…

Another huge THANK YOU to Mary-Kathleen Photography!!!

Cupcake kit from Sur la Table.

Pom Frites (French Fry) Bar for our guests. With all sorts of yummy sauces by (sexy) Chef Michael Reese.

Frames from Ikea.

Our amazing Niece Ari helping out with the Italian Soda bar. The kids LOVED this!

Ruby’s favorite part.


Merci Beaucoup party favor bags, ribbon from Sur La Table, bags from Hobby Lobby.

#ThrowbackThursday Ruby’s Parisian 1st Birthday Party

{Mary-Kathleen Photography}

When it comes to planning parties for my children, the outfit is usually the first thing I imagine. Shocking, I’m sure.

I got lucky this time because I knew that I wanted to throw our Ruby Mae a Paris themed 1st Birthday party and got ridiculously lucky when I found this dress from Baby Gap (hat from H&M). The day was full of fun, laughter, stress, Xanax…typical. We got so many complements on her dress and how perfect it was. I’m a firm believer in, the outfit makes the party and in this case, I think we all can agree.

A great big thank you to the amazingly talented MK of Mary-Kathleen Photography.

{Mary-Kathleen Photography}

{Mary-Kathleen Photography}

{Mary-Kathleen Photography}