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Be the Coolest Parent at the Park {Unlike Me}

As previously mentioned, we are making an extra effort to spend more time outside this year. So far, one thing I have noticed about the most popular parents at the park? They roll prepared. So, I’ve decided to make myself less embarrassing to my children and putting together a Park Party Bag to keep in the car. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far based on watching cooler parents than I. Please feel free to share your ideas!

Be the coolest Mom at the park {unlike me}


At the beginning of the year,¬† I was brainstorming more ways the kids and I can get outside in 2014. We love to take trips to the park, but we had kinda gotten stuck going to the same handful. My mind was slightly blown when I visited our City of Roseville Parks & Rec website to discover that our city has 46 Parks with Playgrounds in it! So Jude, Ruby & I decided that our New Year’s Resolution would be to visit them all at least once! Only 27 days into 2014 and thanks to the beautiful sunshine here in California, we have already visited 13 parks! The kids are loving it and so am I. January tends to be a pretty boring, blah month for me and this has definitely helped. Sometimes a change of scenery can really work wonders. Plus, I’m learning about different neighborhoods in our city that I didn’t even know existed! You can follow our journey on Instagram under the hash tag #RosevilleParksResolution and we hope you’ll join us! Click here to view the full list of Roseville Parks! Make sure you pay attention to the Playground column. Don’t live in Roseville? Start your own city parks resolution!


20140127-191917.jpgRoyer Park

20140127-191929.jpgAdam V. Baquera Park

20140127-191937.jpgKaseberg Park

20140127-191944.jpgBuljan Park

20140127-191953.jpgC. Doulton Burner Park

20140127-192005.jpgCambria Park

20140127-192018.jpgMaidu Regional Park

20140127-192030.jpgHarry Crabb Park

20140127-192039.jpgCresthaven Park

20140127-192052.jpgBlue Oaks “Park”

20140127-192105.jpgCrestmont Park

20140127-192121.jpgMahany Park (Behind Martha Riley Library)

20140127-192134.jpgLeonard Duke Davis Park