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Let the Back to School shopping begin!


As the summer begins to wind down, so also starts the back to school prep excitement in our house. I was so pumped to find the classic black and white Chuck’s (and easy to pull on, because aint nobody got time for that) for Ruby. There is something about Converse All Stars that make me so sentimental. In High School, I wore these same shoes all day every day. Seeing these babies on Ruby’s feet makes me even more excited for another school year full of new friends, lessons and of course…cute outfits. These shoes make it easier because in my opinion, they go with everything. Pink dress and cat ears? Sure!


I don’t generally use checklists when it comes to back to school shopping (as I find it puts a damper on my ability to lack self control), however the top two must haves in my mind are new shoes & backpack. Growing up, my absolute favorite shopping trip of the year was for back to school. The feeling of fresh shoes and a sweet new rainbow backpack made me hopeful that the next year would be filled with happiness and new adventure. It was a way to express myself and to share with them a little bit of who I was, who I hoped they’d see me as. Of course, its not that deep for my kids yet. To them, everyone is their friend and any pair of shoes is fine as long as they are easy to put on and comfortable to run, jump, skip, kick, etc in.


Looking for some back to school or summer outfit inspiration? Check out the Famous Footwear #ohsofamous style gallery! #ohsofamous is a fun place to get inspiration, explore what others are wearing, and see the variety that Famous Footwear offers. Get inspired by what others are wearing and share your own #ohsofamous moments. I love Famous Footwear and their awesome selection! Convenience is everything to me, I love being able to shop in one store for my whole family in one trip. Since I am a rewards member, when my local store is out of a size I need, they ship it right to my house – for free. All of my packages have arrive super fast too. I highly recommend this if you are as easily stressed out by trips out with your children that don’t involve wine as I am.

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Squatchi shoe sizer is awesome. 

If you’re an avid (read: obsessed) online-deal-shopper like I am, you will fully appreciate this. Now that I’m ordering shoes for three children, it’s even harder to keep track of who is wearing what size. My kids never stop growing and they’re always abusing or losing their shoes. So I feel like I’m always shopping for someone’s newest pair of shoes (thus the need for deals).

Squatchi® is shaped like the typical shoe sizer found in every department store, but made from a lightweight, unbreakable material that’s easy to use and transport. Each one features measurement lines that range from size 2 toddler to 5 youth and is ideal for use with children ages 1-11. To measure, simply align their heel against the curved end and draw a line just above the longest toe.

Check out Squatchi online.